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"Philomena Benz is trustworthy person, devoted to the growth of her friends and colleagues. She is an excellent listener and her coachings are effective, full of humour and wise. She never gives up."

Karin Gisler, Owner, Playback-Theater Zürich

"Trained together..... A++ grades, diligent. effective, supportive, enthusiastic, passionate, energetic, committed,integrity, curious, dynamic, loves people, coach... insightful.... humorous... great with kids, contribution in her community, makes a difference, lives life to the full... continuous growth and development"

Bill Liao, Founder,

"While Ms Benz-Howell is highly professional and very knowledgeable in her field she is also very caring and has great empathy with people both old and young. She is one of the most charismatic individuals I know which makes her very successful in all her work."

Eily Walsh, Student, Trinity College, Dublin

"Philomena Benz-Howell is a completely committed person to children and to improving life where ever she is. I would recommend her without reservation."

Joel Levitt, President, Springfield Resources

"A born leader to motivate groups and individuals to a goal in a fun packed environment. Thoughtful and caring, provides the tools necessary to achieve results. A team player with heaps of energy."

Anju Rupal, CEO & Founder, Littlehint

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